Sunday, 5 January 2014

DIY Quartz Necklace

One of my favorite things to collect is crystals and gems. I love them as single pieces to keep on my altar, or wearing them as jewellery. If you find me in a crystal store, chances are I am buying at least one thing. OK, maybe a few more than one!

Quartz crystals in particular are one of my go to crystals. Not only do they go with every outfit I own, but they can be used in many ways such as; meditation, chakra balancing, protection of lower vibe energies, and much more! If you are new to crystals and gems, I highly recommend starting with this stone.

I have a quartz pendant which I adore, but I was craving something with a bit more flash and flare. I searched around the internet and found a few that I thought were OK, but a lot of them were over the $100 dollar mark and not as in your face as I wanted. I knew I could make something that would cost less and be my exact style, so I embarked on the journey of making my own. I am really happy with the way it turned out! If you love crystals and love making a bold statement, check out my video and make your own!

Happy Crafting!

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