Sunday, 12 January 2014

Days 7-10: 10 Day Juice Fast

It is day 10 of my juice fast! Also known as the last day! As I write this I am sipping on my last juice of the night. I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited to get back to eating food. The last 3 days have been the hardest of the fast so far. Both my boyfriend and I were experiencing big time cravings. This led to us feeling angry and frustrated that we even did this cleanse in the first place.

It is easy just to stay in that place of anger and wish the time away until I could eat food again. However, I went into this fast with the intention of letting go of toxins. This includes past my emotions which I had not dealt with such as anger and frustration. During this cleanse, all kinds of things came up physically and emotionally. Since I was not able to have my favorite indulgences, it brought out a lot of unexpected anger. Eating food could temporarily make that anger subside, but then what? Would it really be gone? Or would I just be covering up my anger with food? Fasting allowed me to see this predicament clearly. 

In order to deal with what this journey was throwing at me, I made sure to have a plan in place before hand. That plan was meditation and hot yoga. I do them both regularly, but I meditated for longer durations (especially when feeling pissed off) and went to a few more yoga classes. As I result, I was able to sit with my emotions, feel them, and release them.

Now I feel great! My physical, mental, and spiritual health all feel rejuvenated! I still have anger and frustration to deal with, but that is a work in progress just like anything else. Thanks to fasting, I now accept and appreciate where I am at in life more than ever. It is definitely that reset I was looking for. 

Breaking my fast is the next step, which I am very much looking forward to. I think my dog, Sparkles is too. She didn't get one scrap while we were juicing, except some random bits of spinach that fell on the floor. Now she has baked carrots and yams in her future!

I know breaking a fast properly is one of the most important parts of fasting. In the past I had been careless about this and paid the price. Joe from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead has some great tips on his website. We are following the meal plan from days 1-5 of the 15 day reboot in order to ease our body back into eating. Everything looks so tasty! 

If you are reading this and thinking of juice fasting, DO! If you are reading this while fasting, keep going! It can be hard at times but the end feeling is worth it. Your whole entire being will thank you!

Thank YOU all for reading my 10 day juice fast journey. Thanks also to the people who asked me questions and showed encouragement. That made it easier for me to push along.

Happy Juicing!

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