Monday, 27 January 2014

Pizza With a Cauliflower Base

Pizza! Need I say more? I could live off the stuff I love it that much! Unfortunately my stomach is not as big of a fan as my taste buds are. Not having pizza in my life regularly is a very sad reality that I could never accept. Luckily I don't have to!

I had heard about cauliflower based pizzas in the past, but a lot of recipes called for cheese to bind it together. While that would be a tasty option, it wouldn't be a happy one for my stomach either. This recipe from Green Kitchen Stories uses eggs and almond flour to make the pizza dough. If you are vegan, don't fret! There is an option for that too! 

I am glad my boyfriend and I tag teamed this recipe, because it was pretty labour intensive. We decided to double the recipe because we feared there wouldn't be enough for leftovers. Boy were we wrong! There was enough food for us and two lunches each. Thank you pizza gods!

I didn't have a food processor, so I used my Vitamix blender to make the cauli-FLOUR (pun intended). It worked great, except I had to do it in very small batches on a low setting because I didn't want to make a cauliflower smoothie. The only other modifications we made to this recipe is that we added chili flakes to the crust for a little extra zing. When I make this recipe again (and their will be a next time), I would make half the amount of tomato sauce because there was A LOT left. Either that or give it to some of my friends so they could skip a step in the pizza making adventure. To save time, you could also cheat and buy your tomato sauce.

I am in love with this recipe! The basil & lemon sauce is everything I hoped it would be. A little warning: It is not the kind of pizza that you pick up and eat, because it would fall apart. You will have to use a fork. That did not matter to me though because I enjoyed the flavors so much. It was better than a lot of pizzas I have eaten in my lifetime! I can't wait to make it again with different toppings! The options are endless!

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Days 7-10: 10 Day Juice Fast

It is day 10 of my juice fast! Also known as the last day! As I write this I am sipping on my last juice of the night. I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited to get back to eating food. The last 3 days have been the hardest of the fast so far. Both my boyfriend and I were experiencing big time cravings. This led to us feeling angry and frustrated that we even did this cleanse in the first place.

It is easy just to stay in that place of anger and wish the time away until I could eat food again. However, I went into this fast with the intention of letting go of toxins. This includes past my emotions which I had not dealt with such as anger and frustration. During this cleanse, all kinds of things came up physically and emotionally. Since I was not able to have my favorite indulgences, it brought out a lot of unexpected anger. Eating food could temporarily make that anger subside, but then what? Would it really be gone? Or would I just be covering up my anger with food? Fasting allowed me to see this predicament clearly. 

In order to deal with what this journey was throwing at me, I made sure to have a plan in place before hand. That plan was meditation and hot yoga. I do them both regularly, but I meditated for longer durations (especially when feeling pissed off) and went to a few more yoga classes. As I result, I was able to sit with my emotions, feel them, and release them.

Now I feel great! My physical, mental, and spiritual health all feel rejuvenated! I still have anger and frustration to deal with, but that is a work in progress just like anything else. Thanks to fasting, I now accept and appreciate where I am at in life more than ever. It is definitely that reset I was looking for. 

Breaking my fast is the next step, which I am very much looking forward to. I think my dog, Sparkles is too. She didn't get one scrap while we were juicing, except some random bits of spinach that fell on the floor. Now she has baked carrots and yams in her future!

I know breaking a fast properly is one of the most important parts of fasting. In the past I had been careless about this and paid the price. Joe from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead has some great tips on his website. We are following the meal plan from days 1-5 of the 15 day reboot in order to ease our body back into eating. Everything looks so tasty! 

If you are reading this and thinking of juice fasting, DO! If you are reading this while fasting, keep going! It can be hard at times but the end feeling is worth it. Your whole entire being will thank you!

Thank YOU all for reading my 10 day juice fast journey. Thanks also to the people who asked me questions and showed encouragement. That made it easier for me to push along.

Happy Juicing!

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Days 4-6: 10 Day Juice Fast

It is day 6 ladies and gents, and I feel great! I am almost shocked at how amazing I feel. I read a lot of blogs before I started, and many of them stated how you have an abundance of energy and a clarity that wasn't there before. Although I hoped this was the case for me, I didn't really attach to that ideal, because the cleanses I did previously were really energetically challenging for me. No two cleanses are alike because the body has different things to release (toxins, emotions, etc) at different times. Regardless, I am happy to report that my energy levels are up and I am feeling super awesome!

Yay! Juice!

As far as detox goes there have been a few new additions. My teeth have felt really fuzzy and I feel like my mouth gets reborn every time I brush them. My sense of smell has also increased greatly. I can smell everything! I wouldn't call this a good thing, smelling my cat's poop the second it leaves his ass is not something I put on my detox wish list! The last and the most offensive of detox symptoms has to be body odor. It seems to have subsided now, but on day 4 it was unbearable. So much so that I was sitting at my desk at work and thought to myself "Ugh, what is THAT smell?!" I then proceeded to smell myself to double check it wasn't me. Not this time! It was totally me. Thankfully I didn't have to be in close proximity with anyone that day. When I got home I proudly asked my boyfriend to smell my armpit as I was having detox B.O. (when you are on a 10 day juice fast, you look forward to these things oddly enough). Poor guy didn't know what he was in for as he jumped back and yelled "OMG babe, WHAT IS THAT?!" On day 6 it is completely gone, thank the detox gods!

On the elimination front (yes people we are talking about poop again, yay!), things have been moving. As I mentioned in my last post, constipation is not something I am privy to. In order to give my cleanse and extra kick in the butt (pun intended) I decided to do a session of colon hydrotherapy. It is a great way to rid your body of toxins. My body had a toxin purging party because I felt fabulous when I was done. So fabulous that I was wired with energy and unable to sleep until 2am. This is odd for me as I am usually nodding off by 11. I have received colon hydrotherapy many times in the past, but this one was by far the best I have felt after a session. What was so interesting to me is that I had not eaten anything for 5 days and there was still solid food parts coming out of me (there is a viewing tube that you can look at if you are brave enough). I was flabbergasted! When you don't take care of your gut it definitely slows down and doesn't function at it's highest potential. As I mentioned, I felt great after (and still do) and highly recommend it to anyone who is cleansing or needing to reset their gut health. If you do decide to try colon hydrotherapy, please do your research and find a reputable therapist. If you are getting stuck in a room and left to work a machine yourself that is NOT colon hydrotherapy. 

I don't really have much to offer in the form of tips on juicing. One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is to make sure you are cleaning your juicer immediately after you juice. If you don't you have to deal with bits of food stuck in your juicer and stinky compost, not fun. I have also found that most days I only need or want 4 juices. In this case I just listen to what my body is telling me. If I want more I can always have more!

Stay tuned to hear how days 7-9 go! Happy Juicing!

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Days 1-3: 10 Day Juice Fast

I am now on day 3 of 10 of the cleanse! According to the reading and research I did before I started, days 1-3 are the worst due to your body detoxing. If you are unfamiliar with what detoxing is, there is an abundance of information on the internet that I will not attempt to regurgitate here.

As far as detox goes I have experienced an intense headache starting at 4pm on the first and second day. So far today it hasn't resurfaced, which is fine by me. Other than that I have not felt any major detox symptoms. I have been cold since I started, and I read this is normal. I have also been slightly irritable at times throughout the day. I would love to say this is a detox symptom, but that would just be lying!    

Surprisingly I am not hungry. When I was preparing for this, I thought I was going to have a mental battle with myself over hunger. I happily report this is not the case. My boyfriend, who is always hungry, isn't hungry either. We are baffled. I guess it boils down to drinking enough calories. When I am hungry, I simply drink a juice and its over. Simple as that. 

Don't get me wrong, I think about food since it is so ingrained in us humans to do so. The biggest thing I found is how much I reward myself with food. For example "I cleaned all the fruits and vegetables for my fast, now I deserve a snack" or "I am going to take the dog for a walk, perhaps I should get a snack from the cafe." I find it interesting how much I do things out of the habit of thinking I should. Being on a juice fast has opened my eyes to how habitual food rewards are for myself. Basically anytime I do something I deem good, I feel the need to reward myself with food. This is something I would like to ponder more.

One thing I do think about more is elimination. Yes, as in poop. Sorry to bring up the forbidden word, but if you are fasting or cleansing in any way shape or form, you are going to think poop. It is normal to experience constipation or diarrhea while on a cleanse. I am not a fan of constipation and luckily, my body doesn't seem to be either. I have been taking a laxative tea called Smooth Move for the past two nights and it seems to do the trick. I will take a break tonight though as I am not a fan of over using laxatives. Every second day seems reasonable for my body. If you are going to take a laxative make sure it is something natural and organic, as you would just be putting the toxins right back in your body otherwise. I should also note, you are going to be consuming beets, so do not be alarmed when you see bright red in the toilet! 

I have a few tips that I would suggest to make your juicing life easier on yourself. First, wash all of your produce before hand. It will save you so much time. Also, try to start the cleanse on a weekend or a Friday if you work during the week so you won't be a detoxing grump to all of your coworkers.

Second, juice all of your juices (except the dessert juice) in the morning. Especially if you are working. This may require you to wake up at least a half hour earlier, because juicing is no small feat. To preserve freshness, store them in mason jars and fill them as close to the top as you can without spilling. If you don't have enough juice, just touch it up with water. Then store them in your fridge and grab them as you need them. 

Lastly, if you are juicing beets juice the beets first! I learnt this the hard way when I juiced them last and had to clean up drippings from the juicer that seemed never ending. It looked like a juicing war zone! If you juice the beets last, all of the other stuff you put in there after will push the beets through. You still might have to clean up drippy juice, but at least it won't stain your counter top!

That is all I have to report from day 1-3. So far our favorite juice has been one of the dessert juices (I can't say I am surprised) called Pear Pie Delight. This recipe is from Reboot With Joe and is as follows:

1 sweet potato
2 pears
1 red apple
1 handful of blueberries
Dash of cinnamon

(Makes 1 Serving)

It was so good! Who knew juicing a sweet potato would be that good? I sure didn't!

Thanks for reading and happy juicing! 

Intro: 10 Day Juice Fast

On Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a juicer from Santa. I have been wanting one for a really long time,and I finally got one! I got the Breville Juice Fountain. It is a middle of the road juicer. It is not super cheap and not super fancy, and gets the job done. I immediately started juicing up a storm, and haven't stopped. I am now on day 3 of a 10 day juice fast.  

I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and I found it really inspiring! (If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it) Although I am not fat, sick or nearly dead, I wasn't feeling healthy. I had been experiencing extremely low energy and I could feel that I had some energies in my system that I was ready to let go of mentally, spiritually and physically. I have slowly been transitioning into a full blown healthy lifestyle over the last year, and I thought this would be a great way to kick start the new year. I love the idea of fresh starts and resetting yourself and doing a juice fast is a great way to do that. 

When you consume only juice you are giving your body a high number of micronutrients from all of the fruits and vegetables you ingest. Because your digestive system is taking a break from doing its regular job, your body has extra energy to detoxify and heal itself.  I am no expert on the subject, but the idea resonated with me and always has. In the past I have successfully completed the Wild Rose Cleanse twice, and felt great after. I have tried the Master's Cleanse a number of times and while a lot of people rave about it, it just wasn't for me. 

I decided to follow a free 15 day reboot program from Joe, the guy who created Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I did not do the diet that is recommended 5 days before the juice fast begins, as I was too excited to get juicing. I went with this plan because it is a juicing program complete with a schedule of when to juice, a grocery list to set you up with enough fruits and veg (in 5 day increments), and recipes for all of the juices! It was easy and fool proof to follow.

Here are a few pictures of what 5 days worth of fruits and veggies look like for juicing for 2 people (my boyfriend is doing it with me). I didn't have an inch to spare!

Now I am all set! Stay tuned to hear about how it is going for me...

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How to Deal With Negative People and Energy Vampires

In this video I talk about how to deal with negative people and energy vampires. Regardless of how we word it, one thing is consistent...we are left feeling drained of our energy. Why does this happen? Is there anything we can do to change it while remaining authentic and respectful to ourselves? Watch my video 
to find out! Self love is the key to happiness!

Thanks for watching!

How To Find the "Perfect" Partner - Guy or Girl

How can you find the perfect partner for yourself? It all starts with you! In the below video I speak from my own experiences and offer simple ways to attract someone into your life who is perfect for you.

If you are looking for love and not succeeding, watch my video and I just might save you some time!

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DIY Quartz Necklace

One of my favorite things to collect is crystals and gems. I love them as single pieces to keep on my altar, or wearing them as jewellery. If you find me in a crystal store, chances are I am buying at least one thing. OK, maybe a few more than one!

Quartz crystals in particular are one of my go to crystals. Not only do they go with every outfit I own, but they can be used in many ways such as; meditation, chakra balancing, protection of lower vibe energies, and much more! If you are new to crystals and gems, I highly recommend starting with this stone.

I have a quartz pendant which I adore, but I was craving something with a bit more flash and flare. I searched around the internet and found a few that I thought were OK, but a lot of them were over the $100 dollar mark and not as in your face as I wanted. I knew I could make something that would cost less and be my exact style, so I embarked on the journey of making my own. I am really happy with the way it turned out! If you love crystals and love making a bold statement, check out my video and make your own!

Happy Crafting!