Friday, 19 April 2013

The Oil Cleansing Method: A Review & A Tutorial

Have you ever discovered something simple that changed your life in some profound way that you wish you would have found it sooner?! That is the oil cleansing method for me. So simple, but so life changing for my skin.

I have had acne since I was in my late teens. One day it just came and it never really went away. I wasn't one of those people who went on acutane or anything, but I tried every remedy I could get my hands on at the drugstore.

A few months ago I heard of the oil cleansing method through a wonderful website called MindBodyGreen. Just a side note that if you haven't been to their website and you are into holistic living, natural beauty, and eating good food, CHECK IT OUT! You won't be disappointed.

As I was saying, I found out what oil cleansing was and within the hour I was at my local health food store getting the supplies (I go into depth about the products I use in my video below). Since I have tried the oil cleansing method, I haven't looked back! It has done wonders for my skin! I have had less breakouts, and my skin feels balanced all of the time instead of too dry or too oily. It's wonderful!

Keep in mind that there can be a bit of a "transition period". What I mean by that is you may or may not break out in the first week or two. If this happens to you, like it did for me...just keep on TRUCKIN! Give it a fair shot, because the benefits are SO worth it!

If you guys have any additional questions, or just want to share your experience...please leave a comment down below!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you have an awesome day!

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