Friday, 19 April 2013

Crochet Bobble Blanket

I have recently discovered the love of crochet (I have been knitting for about 2 years now), and this bobble blanket was my first project. My best friend Randi was getting married (she also happens to be my cousin) and I wanted to give her and her husband something that could be in their house for a very long time. She has had her crochet baby blanket for her whole life and still sleeps with it. I though it was a safe bet that it wouldn't get tossed to the side.

I found this pattern through my friend Arlyn (who taught me how to knit and crochet), she had done the baby blanket version and as soon as I saw it finished I knew I had to make it! 

The pattern itself is super simple. The bobble stitch is a series of double crochets in the same hole. If you are finding the pattern difficult to understand, this is a really good youtube tutorial on the bobble stitch. Once you do one row of the full pattern you will be able to do it with your eyes closed!

As simple as the pattern was I surprisingly didn't get bored until 75% of the way through. I was just so pleased with how it was turning out that I was quite content to stare at it for a couple of months. YES I just said a couple of months. Adult sized blankets do take quite a long time!!! It is worth it in the end though, I promise you that!

For the border I did a very simple border of 1 row of sc, 1 row of dc, then 3 rows of sc. I really dislike doing borders for some reason. It just makes me want to snooze! I just want the damn blanket to be done at that point and I wish there was a magic fairy there to do the border for me! (there kind of was and her name was Arlyn, she did a row of single crochet for me. Thank you Ar!)
In the end, I loved this blanket so much that I was wishing I had made it for myself! About mid way through I made all of these plans to start making myself one, but by the end of the project there was no way my next crochet project was going to be the same stitch over and over! For now I am making dishcloths :)

Here is me as happy as can be with my finished blanket!

Thank you so much to my friend Arlyn for helping me along on my first project! Thank you also to my friend Crystal for taking all of the pictures for me!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 

Forgive yourself for being yourself

I decided to do this video because as a person who beats themselves up for "not doing this" or "doing too much of this", I felt it was time to "forgive myself for being myself". I really try to do my best to cultivate and live a positive life...BUT I AM HUMAN and I mess up sometimes. As a perfectionist, when I "mess" up I have a really hard time forgiving myself. One of my mentors (who is my reiki master) said to me "Sara sometimes you just have to forgive yourself for being yourself". I don't know if she even remembers saying it but those words have stuck with me for years and will be in my heart forever.

If you are hard on yourself too, then watch this video! I hope it helps you in some way :)

Have an amazing day!!

The Oil Cleansing Method: A Review & A Tutorial

Have you ever discovered something simple that changed your life in some profound way that you wish you would have found it sooner?! That is the oil cleansing method for me. So simple, but so life changing for my skin.

I have had acne since I was in my late teens. One day it just came and it never really went away. I wasn't one of those people who went on acutane or anything, but I tried every remedy I could get my hands on at the drugstore.

A few months ago I heard of the oil cleansing method through a wonderful website called MindBodyGreen. Just a side note that if you haven't been to their website and you are into holistic living, natural beauty, and eating good food, CHECK IT OUT! You won't be disappointed.

As I was saying, I found out what oil cleansing was and within the hour I was at my local health food store getting the supplies (I go into depth about the products I use in my video below). Since I have tried the oil cleansing method, I haven't looked back! It has done wonders for my skin! I have had less breakouts, and my skin feels balanced all of the time instead of too dry or too oily. It's wonderful!

Keep in mind that there can be a bit of a "transition period". What I mean by that is you may or may not break out in the first week or two. If this happens to you, like it did for me...just keep on TRUCKIN! Give it a fair shot, because the benefits are SO worth it!

If you guys have any additional questions, or just want to share your experience...please leave a comment down below!

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Jeremy Scott Inspired Nails

When I saw this Jeremy Scott french fry jacket for the first time, I FELL IN LOVE! I just love how loud it is! I wanted it really badly....then I saw the price tag. SWALLOW. 300 and something for a jacket just wasn't in the budget!!! 

original image taken from here:

Since I couldn't afford this amazing coat, I decided to do some Jeremy Scott inspired nails! I was really excited with how they turned out that I had to do a nail art tutorial for them. I really hope you like them as much as I do! If you decide to recreate them I would love if you could post a picture to my twitter!

Have a fab day!!

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

COCONUT OIL!!!! I want to scream and shout it from the rooftops because its freakin' amazing! Not only is it amazing but it has so many ways to use it. Its great for body, hair, and cooking! If you have no idea what the heck I am talking about then you should watch my video below!

If you are already a lover of coconut oil please tell me all of the ways you use it too! I would love to hear them. It is my go to moisturizer, eye make-up remover, and hair mask. My dog and cat also love it which you will see at the end of my video!

Thanks for watching and stopping by! Have a great day!

Make A Change

I made this video after I had done a few nail art tutorials and realized that I have many passions and thoughts that I want to share with the world! I love nail art but I go through so many phases of things that I love that to only upload youtube videos about nail art would just be selling myslef short!

I hope you enjoy my update and thoughts on life!

Have an amazing day!!

Color Block Nail Art Tutorial

These nails were inspired from this amazing jacket I saw on a blog. I really wish I could find the picture and the original source. Oh well, instead you can watch my youtube tutorial on how to do these color block nails. They were really easy and anyone who likes doing nail art could achieve this with a little patience.

If you try them out, please show them to me on my twitter! It would make my day!

Thanks for reading my blog today! Have a great day :)

Tie-dye Bubble Nail Art Tutorial

Who doesn't like Tie-Dye?! Actually don't answer that because I can think of lots of people off the top of my head. Luckily, this post is for tie-dye lovers!

I know this look isn't exactly tie-dye but it is what these nails reminded me of when I finished. This was also the first time I got to use my migi nail art pens. If you want a good brand of pens, I recommend you try these! They are awesome and their customer service is really friendly!

I hope you enjoy my version of Tie-Dye nails with a black bubble twist!!

Have a lovely day!!

For Nail Polish Nerds Only

One of the biggest downsides to doing really detailed and time consuming nail art is that IT COMES OFF. That has been and will always be one of the things that drives me nuts about doing nails. I wish it was like an article of clothing that when you are sick of it, you just take it off and you have it forever.

As we all know that is just not how it works. I know people who's polish lasts for two weeks with minimal chipping. I will forever have envy for these people!!! I have OILY nails. I don't know why but they just don't hold polish that long. I think it is some rude joke the universe is playing on me because I love to do my nails!!

Anyway I have been searching my whole life for a polish that sticks. More recently I have been on a mission to get products that are not super damaging to myself, animals and the environment. (I am not a pro at this yet, it is just something I am starting to take more seriously). Then I found Dazzle Dry! It is vegan and it lasts for a VERY long time! It also dries in 5 minutes. I won't go on too much longer about it, because you can just watch my video. :)

If you have tried this product out, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

Have an awesome day!

Happy Face Nail Art Tutorial

One of my favorite things in life is the happy face. It does the job it was made to do because as soon as I see one I can't help but smile! I collect happy face anything, so I figured I should do some happy face nails!

I would get bored if I only did happy faces so I decided to take the inspiration from the circle in the happy face. They are quite detailed but I was really happy with how they turned out! I hope you enjoy them and they bring a smile to your face!

Have an amazing day!

First Youtube Video EVER!

This was my first youtube video I ever did. I was really excited and nervous about posting it. I wanted it to be PERFECT (this is an ongoing theme with me that I am learning to break) so I filmed the intro and outro about three times. I finally deemed it as "viewable" and I hit the magic upload button!! Looking back it was a little long and chatty, but that is kind of how I roll :)

On the nail art front, these are one of my favorite nails that I have done to this day. I say it in the video, but I just really love how gold polish looks matte, especially with the orange. The black line work just adds that extra sumfin sumfin!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, 15 April 2013


Hi guys! Welcome to my blog! I have currently have a youtube channel, but I wanted to share more of my interests with the world. I thought a blog would be a perfect way to do that.

I love nail art, natural beauty, holistic living, good food, knitting, crocheting, and crafting! I will be sharing my love for all of these things HERE! So please have a look around and I hope you find something you like!

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